Gas & Liquid Fluid Products

Supplying a complete range of SS Tubing, Valves, Regulators, Scale, Flow Meter & Sensors, Gauges, Filters & Filters housing

Stainless Still Tube Valves Fitting

Valex products- SS tubing, Valves, and high purity products

High-purity Gas Components-Bellows Valves

pressure regulator and valve

AP Tech– pressure regulators

Vacuum Products

Flanges, elbows, tees, crosses, bellows

Gauges & Instruments

Wika- gauges

liquid filtration


High flow filters

Large diameter high flow filter capable to operate at 500 Gallon per minute (for 60”), high dirt holding, long service life, consistent quality pleated polypropylene filter

Filter Housing

Filters housing

FRP/GRP filters housing

High flow filter housing