We Are

With more than 30 years of worldwide operating experience, METRON-pm is a contact point for both customers and suppliers, offering fabrication-wide solutions and services for the semiconductor industry and related markets

when Efficiency Meets Reliability

METRON-pm puts its customers first. As a distributor, supplier, or mediator, we use our long-term relationships in the market to bring significant value through creative thinking. With high-quality services in a short lead time and a competitive price tag, we assure full support for all of your needs

Our Services Include

Repair Services

A wide range of service support and fabrication operation: RF&PWS , Robots, Lasers, PCB, Valves, Pumps, Chillers, Coating

ESC & Heater Refurbishment and Manufacture

Repairing and refurbishing ESC & Heater polyamide, AI, Ceramic, Anodize

Parts & Equipment Support

Spare parts management - consignment stock at customer site.

Alternate source, Consumable and OPM Parts:
Quartz, Silicon, Graphite, Sic, Ceramic, Y2O3, Metal, ORings

Wafer Reclaim & Test Wafers

Wafer reclaim for 6“, 8”, 12” Cu and None Cu wafers.
Supporting supplies for test wafers for none-critical applications.
Practice cost saving by avoiding use of expensive wafers for none-critical applications

Specialty Material

High purity gases & chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing facilities support

Gas fluids
Gas & Liquid Fluid Products

Supplying a complete range of SS Tubing, Valves, Regulators, Scale, Flow Meter & Sensors, Gauges, Filters & Filters housing

Why METRON-pm?

All your FAB needs in one place

Repair services, parts support, reclaim and testing, used and refurbished equipment tools, special materials and more – all available in our one-stop-shop, saving our customers precious time and money.

Experienced and Professional Team

More than 30 years of global work and cooperation with the biggest brands and companies in the market, helps us find the exact solution for each of your needs, bringing increased value to our customers.

Worldwide Distribution

METRON-pm has a local warehouse with proximity to leading customers, enabling onsite inventory with short respond time. We are extremely efficient when it comes to import/export, global & local logistics, to avoid unnecessary taxes. Complying with national & international regulations.

Flexible and Friendly

We think outside the box and act to fulfill our mission – making our customers satisfied and happy. We’re easily contacted and enjoy conducting business with added value, both professional and personal.