Parts & Equipment Support

A Wide Fabrication Solution Parts Management

  • Spare parts management โ€“ consignment stock at the customer site
  • OPM parts support
  • Alternate source parts
  • Consumables parts

New & Used Equipment

  • Support for used equipment and new inspection tools for different manufacturing areas
  • As is, Refurbished, Installations

OPM Parts for Novellus C1

OPM spare parts for:

Face Plate & Shower Head

Shower head/face plate PVD/CVD


Alternate source of parts


O-rings support

Quarts & Silicon

Alternate source of parts

Alternate Y2O3 parts

Provide cost saving alternate Y2O3 parts for:

Semiconductor Used Equipment

Support the following area

SemiLab Metrology Tools & Ellipsometer

University & Production tools Thermal Treatment

  • University & Production tools Thermal Treatment

    • Metallic contamination
    • Non-Contact CV for HighK/dielectric
  • Dry Etch

    • High aspect ration DTI (depth, TCD, BCD)
  • Thin Films

    • Thickness / Optical properties
    • Ge% / Boron dose / As dose (SiGe/SiCP) FD-SOI/FinFET
  • Ion Implant

    • Dose monitoring
    • Junction leakage EPI
    • Resistivity (map/profile)
    • EPI thickness