Parts Support

Fab wide  Solution Parts Management

Spare parts management- consignment stock at customer site
OPM parts support
Alternate source parts
Consumables parts

OPM Parts for Novellus C1

Concept solution is the OEM spare parts for:

  • GaSonics
  • Speedfam/IPEC
  • Novellus Concept One


Face Plate & Shower Head

Shower head/face plate PVD/CVD

  • AMAT– various tools
  • Novellus
  • ASM



Orings support

O-Rings for TEL, LAM, Novellus, AMAT systems
Bonded slit door
General application
High plasma resistance perfluoro
High temp. resistance perfluoro


Quarts & Silicon

Alternate source of parts

  • Alternate source parts made of– Quartz, silicon, graphite, sic, ceramic suppliers
  • Single crystal silicon, ceramics for TEL, AMAT, LAM, Novellus
  • Silicon parts (focus ring, upper electrode)
  • Chamber parts (anodized, coating, ceramic, quartz)


Alternate Y2O3 parts

Provide cost saving alternate Y2O3 parts for:

  • Top liner
  • Focus ring
  • Process ring
  • Producer ring