Gas Fluid Products

Stainless gas products & companies

Stainless Still Tube Valves Fitting

Valex products- SS tubing, Valves, and high purity products

  • SS tubing, pipe and fittings with widest range of piping
  • High purity ball valves
  • Mini Ball Valves
  • Manifold


Vacuum Products
Flanges, elbows, tees, crosses, bellows

  • KF/ISO Series
  • Weld Fittings
  • CF Series


Prusser Regulator

AP Tech– pressure regulators

  • Pressure regulators
  • Valves
  • Systems



      • Provide high-performance filtration and engineering solution
      • Application focus to meet both technology and technical demand
      • Filtration solutions with lower total cost of ownership
      • Liquid filtration solutions with NSF, FDA, ISO certifications


    • Polyester MB filter for high temp application 120C
    • Pleated filters with low pressure drop
    • Poly nylon filter low pressure with flow rate
    • PES filters
    • PTFE membrane
    • MB filters



High flow filters
Large diameter high flow filter capable to operate at 500 Gallon per minute (for 60”), high dirt holding, long service life, consistent quality pleated polypropylene filter

  • Optimized pleated polypropylene filtration media for high removal efficiency, high dirt holding capacity and long service life
  • Extremely high flow, requires less filter elements, less change-out and lower cost of operation
  • Easy and safe incineration- for disposal or filtered product recovery
  • 100% virgin polypropylene construction without the use of binders, adhesive or surfactants
  • NSF certified

Gauges & Instruments

Wika- gauges 

  • Pressure measurement- gauges
  • Instrumentation

Filter Housing

Filters housing

  • Filter housing- SS 316, 304, CS with various surface finishing
  • Filter housing to support single and multi round filters
  • Stainless Steel housings per ASME/EU standards
  • Customize design upon request


   FRP/GRP filters housing

  • Suitable for sea water application
  • Non orrosivec
  • Suitable for HF and MB filters
  • Leak proof sealing
  • Flow capacity 2000m3/h

High flow filter housing